Get Cooking, Salt Lake City! with Salt Lake County's plant-based meal kits

How It Works

Image of variety of plans and recipes to demostrate the first step in how it works.
1. Choose the plan that's right for you and the meals you like from our ever-changing weekly menu.
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2. Receive fresh ingredients at your doorstep with easy-to-follow cooking instructions.
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3. Enjoy all there is to love about preparing home-cooked meals.

Why SLC Chow?

Fresh and Local
We believe knowing and trusting your food is important, so we partner directly with Salt Lake County farms to provide you the freshest possible ingredients for your meals whenever possible.
Less Waste
We hand deliver our meal kits in reusable tote bags with ingredient packaging that we collect on your subsequent delivery, sanitize, and reuse - so there is no excess boxes or packaging! Also, by receiving the exact pre-measured ingredients you need, you will exercize portion control to avoid overeating as well as eliminate food waste, making this option better for your health, the environment, and your wallet.
Save Time & Energy
With SLC Chow meal kits, you no longer have to spend your valuable time looking for recipes, going grocery shopping, and figuring out what to do with leftover ingredients. Simply spend your time cooking and enjoying home-cooked meals.
Signing up is quick and easy! There are no contracts. You can skip any week or cancel at any time. Just choose the meal plan that works for you and select the recipes that interest you each week. Recipes come with simple-to-follow recipe cards, as well as mobile-friendly guides.
Our meal kits are locally-sourced, locally-inspired, and hand delivered to Salt Lake County residents only. Delivery is always free and reliable. We even send a convenient delivery confirmation cell message right away upon delivery!
By choosing from our diverse seasonal recipes, you are likely to prepare meals that you have never prepared before, which allows you to try new ingredients, learn new cooking techniques, and add new recipes to your repertoire.

What Our Customers Say

I really appreciate having meals planned and easy to prepare, which is why I like these types of services, but I won't subscribe regularly to any of the big, national ones because they are so wasteful. The other thing I appreciate about SLC Chow is that it's a local business. I'd rather support a local family than a big corporation.
- Anonymous
Since I’m too busy to shop and cook this is perfect! Love supporting local!
- Fee, Owner Sweet Hazel & Co.
Chow makes my life a lot easier (and tastier).
- Anonymous
LOVE Chow. I try so hard to buy local and reuse containers but it is almost a full-time job, and I have one of those. So I am thrilled to pay somebody to do that for me.
- Anonymous
I'm not a vegan (more of a pescatarian) but I love how Chow provides an opportunity to learn how to cook more plant-based meals.
- Anonymous
My wife and I have gotten our 3rd delivery now and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve tried several meal delivery services and SLC Chow exceeds all expectations. Love the fact it’s local, the food is incredible, and the sustainable/reusable packaging is a huge plus. Neither of us are vegan… I grill and smoke meats very often. I expected to miss the meat and become hungry easily, but I honestly don’t realize it’s not there.
- Jake McPartlin
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2-serving meals

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4-serving meals

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Common Questions

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Do I need to sign a contract?

How much is delivery?

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Do you accommodate food allergies or sensitivities (Gluten, Dairy, etc.)?

Where do the ingredients come from?

Is this meal kit for vegans only?

What is the benefit to eating more plant-based meals?

Why can't I select any meals including meat or dairy in my meal kit?

What do I need to be able to make the meals?

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When and where are the meal kits delivered?

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